Feb 212012
Domke F6 – My Daily Grab Bag

Although I have a range of photographic gear for different tasks, the majority of what I shoot is handled by two cameras, both of which fit into a single bag that goes with me every day. The bag is my trusty Domke F6, which I’ve posted about before. It can be tempting to throw everything you own in the car just in case you need it, but the reality is that what I can fit into this little bag will take care of 90% of the subject matter that I photograph.

I’ve moved things around a little since that last write up, so I thought I’d post of picture of the current layout and contents.

Domke F6 - My daily grab bag

Domke F6 – My Daily Grab Bag

What’s in the bag:

  1. Rolleiflex Automat MX
  2. Misc. accessories – lens hood, Rolleisoft, Rolleinar and filters for the Rolleiflex, and four Leica filters.
  3. Leica M3 DS with 50mm Summicron
  4. Leitz 90mm Elmarit lens
  5. Leitz 135mm Elmar
  6. Leitz 35mm Summaron with goggles
  7. Gossen Luna-Pro Digital light meter
  8. Notebook and pencil
  9. In top flap – cable release, lens cloth, business cards and misc. small accessories.
  10. Film for both cameras (10 rolls 35mm, 6 rolls 120, approximately) and Giottos Rocket air blower.
  11. Not shown – Kindle in rear outer pocket, in case I get bored!

It’s a pretty complete outfit, and still manageable weight-wise. I’m not sure I’d want to carry it around for 7 or 8 hours a day, but as a small bag to chuck in the car, and for shorter walks, the Domke F6 works a treat.

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  1. We have very similar taste. Rolleiflex and Leica M. Somehow they are perfect bedfellows. I am now seeking a Rolleinar II so as I am able to explore more close up photography. I like your pages by the way and if you have any Bayonet II accessories that you are moving on I could be most interested

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