Hasselblad Proxar Close Up Filter

Hasselblad Proxar Close Up Filter

I found a Proxar diopter tucked in a side pocket of a bag I got when I bought a used Hasseblad and thought I’d try it out on this Swiffer victim. Proxars are glass filters which you mount to the front of a lens to allow it to focus closer than with the lens alone. This is the 2m Proxar which I believe was designed to be used with a 250mm lens but here I tried it on the 80mm Planar.

I didn’t want to waste a whole roll of film on this (I’m not one for endless testing of lenses, etc.), so I popped off a couple of shots on some expired Polaroid. I shot a single image at the closest focusing distance of the lens without the Proxar, and then another with it attached, moving the camera closer until the broom was in focus. Hopefully it’s obvious which one is which!

Hasselblad Proxar Close Up Filter
Swiffer victim without Proxar (at minimum focusing distance of 80mm Planar lens)
Swiffer victim with Proxar (at modified minimum focusing distance)

Conclusion? Sharpness is reduced slightly with the Proxar in place and for serious closeup work I’ll stick to my extension tubes, but as a handy filter to throw in my pocket for occasional use when traveling light, it’s not too bad. In fact, I’m quite impressed!

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  1. How much closer with the 2m proxar can you go? Would is be classed as a +1 diopter in that you half the close focus distance of the lens?

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