One of my favourite images from the past few years, and also the shoot that marked my transition back to using film after six years of exclusively digital photography.

The location for this shoot was, of all places, the Hardee’s in Lenoir City. A strange choice if it wasn’t for the fact that a local car club was meeting there that evening and I’d already got permission to photograph in and around thier immaculately restored vehicles.

Jenn - Hasslelbad 500C/M with Carl Zeiss Planar lens

I used two cameras; a 1985 medium format Hasselblad 500C/M and a 1962 35mm Nikon F Photomic. This image is cropped from a square negative from the Hasselblad (the original full frame image is below). I also removed the telephone pole in the background and applied a slight curves adjustment. The lens was an 80mm F/2.8 Carl Zeiss Planar and film was the venerable Kodak Tri-X, rated at 320 ASA and developed in HC-110 dilution B.

Original uncropped frame

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