Aug 232011
Nikon FM

Nikon FM The seventies saw a major fundamental change in camera design, heralded by the launch of the Olympus OM1 in 1972. Prior to this groundbreaking model, the majority of 35m SLRs were big and heavy, with lenses and accessories to match. In contrast the OM1 was tiny, and within [read more]

May 222011
Angelique Photoshoot and Leitz Summitar Review

Angelique Photoshoot and Leitz Summitar Review I had a photo shoot recently with the lovely Angelique in and around downtown Knoxville and I decided to only use one lens on my Leica M3 for the entire session; a 1946 Leitz Summitar. This 50mm F/2.0 optic has a rather unique set [read more]

Aug 142011
Nikon F2 Photomic

Nikon F2 Photomic Launched by Nikon in 1971, the F2 replaced the original F model as the premier professional 35mm SLR camera of it’s time. Boasting many improvements over it’s popular predecessor, it was clear that Nikon had taken to heart the feedback on the F from the pros and [read more]